Web 2.0 Review #1–LiveJournal


Link to review video:     https://www.dropbox.com/s/44ypr2g8589r1qn/Livejournal%20Review.mp4



1)    Open browser of choice

2)    Sign into www.livejournal.com

3)    Create an account and log in (must authenticate your email before posting)

4)    Type your “blog”

5)    Or simply browse other entries sorted by popularity, or grouped into “communities,” or by “friends”.



Would I use it? Probably not.  The “blogs” are the journals that are designed to be musings, thoughts, reflections, sometimes even rantings.  They are rated by popularity on the initial site, you have to seek out a community to which you belong (as in a class group), but to do so, you first encounter all the potential distractors.  Today’s #1 most replied to blog had to do with the Biebs (Justin Bieber, for those of you without kids or who live in a bubble of academia or a remote cave with no contact to pop media).   Not a terrible site, but just not one that I would use, despite its relative ease and accessibility.


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