Web 2.0 Reflection

What a whirlwind tour of Web 2.0 tools!  I feel like I’ve learned more about the web than I ever knew existed!

One of the striking features of these tools is that how rapidly they evolve and change–and that there are multiple tools that essentially do the same thing as one another, only with a small twist (i.e., there are multiple concept mapping tools, multiple bibliography/citation tools.)  One might easily be overwhelmed with so many choices.

The great thing, however, is that with changes, updates and modifications, many of the tools we’ve reviewed are very simple and intuitive to use.   By picking a tool that fits one’s needs best (and perhaps trying one or two similar tools out to see what “fits”) one can readily and easily create an interactive learning module.  This can be either synchronous, asynchronous or a truly collaborative exercise for learners.

Additionally, as some of these tools are more widely adopted, there are mulitple “help” sites–either via video, blogs, chatrooms or communities of people who use the tools.

For this course, I evaluated Socrativ, EasyBib, SketchUp and Mindmup to name a few.  What is more striking is how many tools reviewed by others that I “checked out” myself and even began to use in lectures — for nursing staff, MFM Fellows and Residents.

Somehow, I feel that we have just touched on the tip of the iceberg, and that there will be a “snowball effect” of all the tools at hand–soon I can envision people using tools within tools, linking files within files–oh, and the pressure is ON!  With the tools about which we’ve learned combined with adult learning theory, photography/photo editing I’ve learned in other courses, I feel like with any reasonable amount of time for preparation, I ought to be able to produce TED talk quality lectures EVERY TIME. I have no more excuses for mediocrity!

I have enjoyed the views and reviews as posted by others, and will have to re-invent my blog, now that the course is coming to an end. Best wishes to all in your future endeavors!


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