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This is a presentation that I intend to use for 3 main purposes:

1) To recruit a larger number of our faculty members to actively participate in our Maternal-Fetal Medicine lecture series.  Most faculty are very ready and willing to teach at the bedside, but there seems to be little motivation to take the time to give (even a single) fellow’s lecture.   Part of the feedback we have received is that “it is too hard to accommodate everyone’s schedule,” and there seems to be less pressure to commit if only one fellow is available for a face-to-face session


2) To educate our faculty about how their lecture can be given both face to face and online (as a hybrid) or as a “stored” lecture, to allow fellows to view independently and still have assignments that can be tracked, assessed and for which data can be collected to show the value of the time of both the faculty and fellows.


3) By tracking all lectures, documenting any exercises, quizzes, reflections and readings the fellows complete, we can have seamless, easily accessed documentation of our educational curriculum for board reviewers when it comes time for re-accreditation.




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