Module 5- Web 2.0 Tool:

Module 5

Socrative- Module 5 Web 2.0 Tool Review

This week, I am reviewing Socrative at URL:

It is a Web 2.0 tool that uses existing WiFi, a computer (laptop or desktop for the instructor) and virtually any wifi enabled/mobile device for up to 50 learners at a time.  Through socrative, the instructor can create a “virtual classroom,” which learners enter via, and the instructor can upload prepared quizzes, ask multiple choice questions, ask true/false questions, open-ended questions and get real-time displays of answers, either anonymously or by student name.

After each “task” is complete, the program generates a report that may be downloaded or emailed to the instructor, complete with automatic grading of Multiple choice answers, and with a log of open ended answers .

The program also allows learners to give feedback, such as “I learned today/ I need tomorrow…” via an “exit ticket.

This tool is designed more for elementary levels of education, but could easily be used in adult education, where participation, active learning and engagement are key to maintaining interest, and when anonymity in answering may increase participation.

The only technical requirements are wifi and enabled devices, and the tool is free.

Please see my screencast review, above.  If not working, please use the link, below:


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