Module 4- Web 2.0 Collaboration–What issues are involved with the use of web 2.0 tools in educational environments?

Here is our group’s VoiceThread collaboration:


Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 10.10.34 AM


To develop this presentation, we first contacted one another by email.  Michael stepped up as our fearless leader and did a fantastic job!   We began to divide our roles even via email.  We then decided to meet via Skype- some of us had video access, others voice only, but we were able to discuss our project in “real time,” and finalized our roles in creating the presentation. We each produced our own PowerPoint slides, using a format that Michael had started, sent our slides to Michael, who consolidated them.  We had agreed to put our resources on the individual slides, so that Michael could copy and paste them onto the final “resource” slide.  He then sent the complete slide set to all of us for review/comments, uploaded them to VoiceThread, and then we each narrated our own slides.


You may notice that we had commentary before our slides were complete–so the comments became a permanent part of our slides–which reveals one downside to the VoiceThread program–once narration is “saved” on a slide, there is no way to delete only a portion of the narration (at least not that I could find).  One must delete the entire slide, upload a replacement slide and then “re-do” the narration.  Otherwise, I found VoiceThread easy to use, and I enjoyed the collaboration.  I envision using this more in my professional life–in fact, I plan to organize a “group” to discuss a multi-disciplinary quality improvement project we have ongoing.  We have found coordinating face-to-face meeting times, and even synchronous conference calls very difficult due to our busy schedules, and this would be a nice way to give more personalized feedback, work on and review documents and devlop our project in a timely manner.   I also see VoiceThread as a useful tool for developing online lectures and allowing learners to asynchronously ask questions, then allow the instructor to comment, and have a nice archive of the session, which would serve our fellowship education very well.


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